At Intertherm, we provide emergency boiler repairs and any make/type boiler servicing Our time served gas safe engineers, are always here to help if your boiler or central heating breaks down.

We pride ourselves in providing our in depth knowledge and expertise at a competitive price, we carry out repairs and services on all makes, models and system types.

We can offer a range of boilers ranging from you budget boilers starting with a 5 Year Warranty ranging to a massive 13 Years Warranty. We will always fit a Magnetic filter and ensure that a "Boiler Plus Compliant Programmer/Thermostat is fitted"(this can save you £sss on your energy bills).

Boiler Types

There are many system types however the most common are combination, systems and traditional type, however recently since 2010 all new gas boilers must be SEDBUK A rated so that the boiler has a minimum efficiency of 90%, all boilers newly installed must be of the condensing type (Saving you money on your bills). Here at Intertherm we work on all types of heating system, below are the most common types:-

Combination (Combi)
Combination boilers are the most common type of heating system in the uk, advantages of this system is that they can heat a constant supply of water and heating whilst using the minimum amount of energy (Energy costs money), however a drawback with this type of system is that a combination boiler may not be able to provide enough hot water for certain homes due to it been instantly heated and not stored, for example homes with more than two bathrooms and larger dwellings or areas with low mains water pressure. Combination boiler systems have further advantages of not having a cylinder in the airing cupboard therefore you have more storage space and also no feed and expansion tank in the loft. The combination boiler can be an ideal solution for flats.
Systems Boilers
Systems boilers are usually a sealed system like combination systems but utilise a storage hot water cylinder, therefore are ideal for use in larger properties with one or more bathrooms and where multiple hot water outlets are used at the same time, the heating is directly heated as with a combination boiler, the system is different from a tradition system type and does not require a feed and expansion tank in the loft, another advantage of this system is that the hot and cold pressure at the taps relies on the incoming water pressure to the dwelling therefore is normally good (In town this system is ideal as pressure is good) however this system may not be suited to villages were low water mains pressure occurs, Pumps and major components are usually sited within the boiler, (Note: That with this system an unvented cylinder is used, it is mandatory that any engineer fitting one has additional training and qualifications) Our engineers possess these qualifications therefore you have peace at mind that the system will be fitted correctly
Regular Boilers
These type of boilers are usually less efficient and have the pump and diverter valves near the hot water cylinder, they will normally have a feed and expansion tank in the loft, however they may be used as an open vented or sealed system (Unvented), backboilers use the open vented method but are gradually been replaced with more modern systems such as combination boilers
Baxi Boilers
Baxi are a well known British manufacturer whom produce some of the best boilers on the market today, they are leading the way in how we heat or homes using renewable technology at affordable prices. Baxi have a large range of appliances from the Baxi 200 to Baxi 800 series combination boilers which suitable for the smaller homes, whilst their range of system boilers serve the large propertys where the requirements of hot water is much larger. Baxi have also catered for those traditional open vented system where typically you will have an hot water cylinder with an expansion tank, in this instance we would recommend the Baxi Ecoblue Advance Heat only boiler (Conventional), the boiler can be fitted to the majority of open vented systems due to its clever design requiring no pump over run. Baxi provide warranties ranging from 5years to 10years so you can be sure that we have the boiler to fit your needs and budget.
Alpha Boilers
Alpha boilers have been around for many years, one of the less well known companies, smaller than the mainstream manufacturers, however we have found that the offer exceptional service and support (More Personalised), we find that they offer a premium product for less £££s, which we can pass onto our customers. Alpha boilers come in a range of sizes and with warranties between 7 for your standard Etec, if you add an Alpha filter its 8yrs, if you fit the Prem Pack, 9Yrs. We then have the Etec Plus which comes with a standard 10yrs, if you fit the Alpha filter its 11Yrs, If you fit the Prem Pack 13yrs Warranty. We will always fit a Magnaclean or Manufacturers filter, to help protect the system as it gets older and fit a “Boiler Plus Compliant” Programmer as standard.

Installation Process

We will flush your central heating system when we carry out any boiler replacement and always install a magnetic filter to help protect your system and it ages. Once the installation of your boiler is complete, we will:

  • Register your boiler with the manufacturer (For your boiler warranty).
  • Register your boiler with Gas Safe.
  • Issue you a CP12 certificate.
  • Leave you with Boiler Instructions and relevant paperwork.
  • Instruct you on all controls
  • Provide an aftercare service – If you have any questions or queries, etc.


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